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Gujarat Science City Ahmedabad Thrill Ride Ticket Rates

Rs. 25 per person

Discount scheme in simulator ride

Persons Discount (% )
25 to 99 10 % less
100 to 199 15 % less
200 to 299 20 % less
More than 300 25 % less

Gujarat Science City Ahmedabad Journey through Solar System (Mission to Mars) Ride in Space Hall Ticket Rates

Rs. 30 per person

Discount scheme in Ride in Space Hall

Persons Discount (% )
25 to 99 10 % less
100 to 199 15 % less
200 to 299 20 % less
More than 300 25 % less

Gujarat Science City Ahmedabad Musical Fountain Ticket Rates

Show Show Time Tickets rates
(per person / Student)
1st Show 6.30 PM Rs. 20
2nd Show 7.00 PM Rs. 20
3rd Show 7.30 PM Rs. 20

Gujarat Science City Ahmedabad Entry Fee

Student Child Adult
Rs.05 Rs.10 Rs.20

Gujarat Science City Ahmedabad Planetarium Entry Fee

Student Child Adult
Rs.10 Rs.15 Rs.15

Gujarat Science City Ahmedabad Parking Fee

Sr. No. Vehicle Amount
1 Two/Three Wheeler Rs. 5
2 Car/Four Wheelers Rs. 10
3 Buses/Luxury Rs. 25

Gujarat Science City Ahmedabad Phone

079 6522 2127
079 2970 3122

Rating: | 4/5 stars
Based on total 28 reviews

Gujarat Science City Ahmedabad Address: SP Ring Rd,Hebatpur, Sola, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, 380060, India

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Gujarat Science City Ahmedabad Timings

Day Timing
Monday 10:00 am – 7:30 pm
Tuesday 10:00 am – 7:30 pm
Wedesday 10:00 am – 7:30 pm
Thursday 10:00 am – 7:30 pm
Friday 10:00 am – 7:30 pm
Saturday 10:00 am – 7:30 pm
Sunday 10:00 am – 7:30 pm
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Gujarat Science City Ahmedabad Regular Ticket Rates

Entertainment Show Time
Monday To Friday
Show Time on Saturday & Sunday Adult Child School Group
Born To Be Wild 3D - Hindi 12:00 P.M- 41 Minutes 12:00 P.M- 41 Minutes 125 125 50
Walking on the Moon 3D - Hindi 01:00 P.M- 39 Minutes 01:00 P.M- 39 Minutes 125 125 50
Island of Lemurs - Madagascar 3D – Hindi 02:00 P.M- 41 Minutes 02:00 P.M- 41 Minutes 125 125 50
Mission to MIR 2D – Hindi 04:00 P.M- 40 Minutes 04:00 P.M- 40 Minutes 125 125 50
Born To Be Wild 3D - Hindi 05:00 P.M- 41 Minutes 05:00 P.M- 41 Minutes 125 125 50
PENGUINS 3D - Hindi 06:00 P.M- 39 Minutes 06:00 P.M- 39 Minutes 125 125 50
Musical Fountain - - 20 20 20
Thrill Ride - - 25 25 25
Entry Fee (Including Hall of Science & Hall of Space, Energy Park, Life Science Park) - - 20 10 05
Planetarium - - 15 15 10
Mission to Mars Ride - - 30 30 30
Coal Mine - - 15 15 10
Earthquake Experience Ride - - 30 30 15
4D Theatre 12:00, 02:00 PM, 03:00 PM, 04:00 PM, 05:00 PM, 06:00 PM   50 50 25

Gujarat is a state located in the western side of the Indian Subcontinent and is considered to be one of the most progressive and prosperous Indian states of the 21st century for varied reasons ranging from economic conditions to social and much of it can be attributed to Narendra Modi who was the Chief Minister of the State before becoming the Prime Minister of India.

Gujrat came into existence after separating itself from the erstwhile ‘Bombay’of the 1960s and now happens to span over 1,96,024 odd square kilometers and provides habitation to more than 64 million Indians. The Government of Gujarat possesses around 107 hectares of land for a registered society that has been formed, that regulates and maintains the Gujarat Science City mandate.

The Gujarat Science City (or simply Science City by the locals) is a bold initiative by the government to popularize science and promote scientific temperament among the communities of Gujarat.

The fast paced environment of today demands some knowledge of basic science and a lot more of the scientific temperament and hence this initiative has been a priority since long. And this priority was soon realized in May of 2009 when Gujarat Science City was established.

This Science City has been developed to foster education with a blend of entertainment for the general mass. It hosts an amazing centre with imaginative and informative yet contemporary exhibitions of labs, working models, interesting activity corners and virtual reality with live demonstrations to provide an understanding of science and technology to the common man.

Architecture of Science City

The architecture of Science City is very well designed with each attraction separated into different sections or modules. The centre has a plethora of cool things the likes of which are an amazing Hall of Science, an amphitheatre, a very informative Life Science Park, an IMAX 3D theatre and few quirky musical fountains which dances to songs and rhythms. A dedicated centre for exams is also provided.

On getting a bird’s eye view of the map of Science City, we will find that the parking lies just outside the main entrance. Although there are multiple entry points, the main entrance is the easiest to spot due to the presence of the above mentioned parking facility. One cannot simply miss the bustling cars that are parked here everyday and thereby miss the entrance!

The entire complex has roads and pavements connected in polygons to give rise to a hexagonal shape. Infact, it seems the inspiration for this design has been derived from that of a beehive.

There are essentially 13 main sections in the Science City complex viz.:-

1. IMAX Theatre
2. Electrodome
3. Hall of Space & Science
4. Amphitheatre
5. Expo Ground
6. Children Activity Centre
7. Restaurants
8. Planet Earth
9. Life Science Park
10. Energy Park
11. Musical Fountain
12. Thrill Ride
13. Auda Garden

For the visual learners, there’s a map of Gujarat Science City that provides a bird’s eye view straight from the official website of Gujarat Council of Science City.

Image Gallery of Gujarat Science City Ahmedabad

History of Science City

There is no major background story behind the establishment of Gujarat Science City other than the government’s concern to educate the masses about science and develop their scientific temperament. The Gujarat Science Council was formed and the complex itself came into being in May of 2001.

Things to do at Science City

1. There’s an IMAX 3D theatre that has screens as big as a 10 storeyed building. 3D movies with Dolby sound functionality are provided in these theatres. The tickets can be booked beforehand and the timings can be inquired at the booth itself, if required.

2. There’s a hall of science that, much like the hall of fame, displays all the successful models in science that made an impact and changed the future of humanity in some way or another. This hall encourages the visitors to touch and explore the models so that they can read and understand the science behind it by themselves.

3. In this age of computers, computer vision has become so advanced that it can now provide ultra realism. Technically, it’s called a simulation. Science city provides some of the best simulations in the form of simulator rides. These rides vary from roller-coaster rides to Jurassic park rides. They’re some of the fun rides available out there. The rides usually last for 20 minutes and the tickets can be pre-booked as well.

4. One of the famous tourist attractions in Science city is the musical dancing fountain. It is essentially a jet stream of water that is programmatically controlled to emulate the human behaviour of dancing. A very clever choice of music, lights and applied logic work in unison to create the illusion that something as simple and clear as water can dance to a tune. The lights add to this smoke and mirrors trick to make it more believable. This dancing fountain is active in the evenings on almost all of the weekdays. Visitors can experience this marvel for free.

Entry fee and timings of Science City

Gujarat Science City is open throughout the year round. It opens its gates at 10:00 am and closes by 7:30 pm.

The entry fee for children is Rs.10, for schoolchildren it’s Rs.5 and for adults it’s Rs.20. The parking fee is Rs.5 for two wheeler and Rs.10 for four wheelers. If a bus is parked, a fee of Rs.25 will be charged.

The different rides and attractions inside Science City have different rates. They’re as follows:
Space hall ticket rate - Rs. 25 per individual
Musical fountain ticket rate - Rs. 20 per individual
Planetarium entry fee - Rs. 15 for adults and children and Rs.10 for school children
Thrill ride ticket rate - Rs.25 per individual

Places to visit near Science City

1. Ahmedabad One Mall is a shopping mall close to Science City and is worth a visit for anyone who wants to satisfy their shopping demands. The mall caters to all types of visitors as there are multiple sub-complexes housing different shops, cafes and boutiques.

2. Bhadra Fort is one of the few places to visit near Science city. Built of red stones, the architecture and history of this fort draws the attention of many tourists and locals alike. It reflects the Mughal architecture and their lifestyle through the carvings on the walls. The fort houses cannons, small rooms and dens that all come together depicting the past life of the people that once ruled the country.

3. Another famous location to visit near Science city is the Chandola Lake. This artificial lake was formed with its application planned to be that of a reservoir. It is a peaceful, serene area with clear,blue lake water and huge trees that provide shade to the weary mind. People are fond of this place due to the serenity it provides and also because of the scenic beauty. People from different walks of life visit Chandola lake all the time to spend a little time and maybe reflect a bit about their day here.

4. For anybody who wants to truly appreciate the inception of architecture, Adalaj step well is the place to visit. It is essentially a step well that was once a bathhouse. The building may seem eerie at first sight, with bats hovering around the dark corners of the monument, but it is one heck of a beauty that is appreciable if looked at through a correct perspective.

5. Finally, for anyone who wants to learn more about the everyday things we use in our kitchens, specifically the utensils, there is the Utensils Museum. Situated at a distance of approx. 8.7 km from Science city, the museum houses a collection of Indian utensils from different regions of the country, clearly depicting how cooking has evolved in the kitchen through the generations. Some of the pieces have worn out due to improper maintenance and care, but most of the showpieces are still in working condition.

Interesting facts about Science City

1. To promote more visitors, the government has employed a discounting scheme on tickets for people who visit this place in crowds or groups.

2. Science museum features hands-on exhibits and a 3D IMAX theatre, plus a simulated spacecraft ride, all of which are one of a kind in the entire state.

3. The annual footfall of Science City is approx. 10,00,000.

4. Various kinds of celebrations and events are held inside the complex throughout the year regarding Health, Environment, Weather, Science achievement as well as celebration of eminent scientist birthday etc. There are also Vacation Training Programme on Bio-resources, Orientation programme on Science Olympiads, Summer Science Enrichment Programme etc.

Things to keep in mind while visiting Science City

1. You can book tickets in advance to enjoy a hassle free experience via the official website of Gujarat Science City.

2. The duration of the I-MAX films are 40 - 45 minutes and the theatre itself houses a max. of 647 seats. Therefore it is advisable to book a movie ticket in advance if you’re keen to watch one.

3. No outside eatables are allowed inside the premises of Science City complex.

4. There are cloakrooms or luggage rooms for the visitors.

5. Gujarat Science City is open throughout the year but the winter season is the best period for a visit.

6. Bird’s eye view map link of Science City can also be accessed from the official website.

How to reach Science City

Science City is located off S. G. Highway, 0.5 km from Sadbhav Circle, S. P. Ring Road, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. One can easily hire a taxi from top car rental companies in Ahmedabad to reach here or drive their own private vehicle. Buses are available in plenty and can also be taken as a means to reach Gujarat Science City.

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Location Map for Gujarat Science City Ahmedabad