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Vastrapur Lake Ahmedabad Address: Vastrapur, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, 380052, India

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Ahmadabad, the former capital of Gujarat, is famously known for being the dry state of India and is also a famous tourist spot. Its aesthetic views, exotic eatables and their rich heritage, makes it one of the most visited locations. The old Ahmadabad is declared as India’s first UNESCO World Heritage City.

One of the most beautiful places to visit in Ahmedabad is Vastrapur Lake. This quiet place acts as a getaway from the hubbubs of the chaotic city, while being located in the heart of the city. This lake is surrounded by thick lustrous green garden and the river side is embellished with various stones. At various occasions the water from Narmada River is allowed to flow into this river.

The round pathway along the river attracts many health-conscious people for morning jog or workout. Vastrapur Lake also acts as the cultural hub of the city, as many cultural events are organized on the lustrous green lawn along the river bank.

This place is an ideal weekend visit for a family picnic or maybe a small outing in the evening. This place is also ideal for children as it offers a children park especially designed for the amusement of the small humans. The park is open to its visitors every day from 8 am to 10 pm, no entry fees are charged to its visitors.

History of Vastrapur Lake

The Vastrapur lake was first decorated and opened for public visit in 2002 by the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation. Later on, in 2013, it was renamed in the memory of Narsinh Mehta; a 15th century poet in Gujarat, as ‘Bhakt Kavi Narsinh Mehta Sarovar’. Apart from renaming, a statue of the renowned poet was also constructed in the garden.

Later in 2016, when the lake was observed drying up due to excessive heat and lack of adequate rainfall, the authorities removed the dying fish elsewhere. Recently in 2019, the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation has decided to let in the Narmada River water flow in the River.

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Places to visit near Vastrapur Lake

If one visits the beautiful lake, ought to look to the nearby sightseeing places, listing those as:

1. Vastrapur Adventure Park – If you are a parent and searching for a place to take your kids on a fun outing then visiting this place is a must. A perfect children's amusement center, it is located at a mere distance from the Lake. Not only for the kids, the place also has rides for adults as well. The ticket prices range from Rs. 13 to Rs. 24 according to the age group.

2. Ahmedabad One Mall – Located around 5 minutes away from the Lake, the mall can be said as a shopper’s paradise. The mall is equipped with shops of various well-known brands, such as lifestyle, Vero Moda, Only and many more. And if you are tired from all the shopping, this mall has an extensive food court with various cuisines readily available.

3. Thai spa – A spa day is what every adult yearns at the end of a hectic week. This Thai Spa is approximately 8 minutes far from the Lake and is the best place to release all the tension and stress from the monotonous life. The packages are available at different price ranges, depending on the services you choose to opt for.

4. ISKCON Temple - The temple is located on SG highway. The best time for devotees to visit is around 6 to 7 pm, when the priest performs the evening rituals. The temple also serves free meals to its tourists and also has accommodation facilities.

The temple provides a calm and soothing atmosphere to its visitors. This temple is also known as Hare Krishna Temple, the name so given as it is solely devoted to worship Lord Krishna and his true love, Radha.

5. Amdavad Ni Gufa – This unique place is an absolute visit for the tourists. Around 25 minutes away from the Vastrapur Lake, this unusual location appears to be a cave but actually is a café. The café serves mouth- watering food items. The coffee available here is quite famous among its regular visitors.

6. Sabarmati Riverfront - As compared to the other aforementioned locations, this particular visiting spot is far from the lake, around 1.8 kms. It can be easily reached using any public transport. The riverfront is designed elegantly along both banks of the Sabarmati River.

7. Ahmadabad Haat – The haat is built to display the rich heritage of Gujarat. The place showcases various Gujarati handworks and clothing items. The haat is located nearly 10 mins away from the Lake. Apart from artifacts and clothing items, various Gujarati food items are available. If you are someone who wants to experience the Gujarati culture then this is a place you might not want to miss.

8. Adalaj Step well - This historic monument was said to be built in 1499. There are 6 tombs on top which are said to be of the builders of the well, to prevent further replication of the well. The well is designed to hold water as well as, has a neat personal garden beside. This historic monument is aesthetically appreciated by every visitor and makes a must visit.

9. Hathee Singh Jain Temple – In order to reach this location, you need to avail any public transport or maybe book a personal cab as it is located around 6 kms from the Lake. The temple was constructed in 1848 AD, by carving out white marble. The temple is extravagantly constructed keeping in mind the sacred architectural designs of the Jain community. The temple has been closed for over a year due to renovation purposes.

10. Gujarat Science City - It is a good tourist place that is mainly designed to impart scientific knowledge among the young generations via various scientific games and 3D shows. It owns some interesting scientific equipment such as IMAX 3D theatre, Planet Earth, amphitheater, Energy Park, hall of science etc. During the vacations in the schools located there, the Science city organizes various workshops to encourage kids into taking up science as their future study.

11. Law Garden Night Market - One of the unusual places located around 3.2 kms from the lake to visit is this night market. The specialty as per the name suggests is that this market is only active at night. This market is famous for selling traditional Gujarati outfits and if you visit Ahmedabad, you must go to experience the night market. The night market also has made playing arrangements for kids, behind the actual market.

Activities to do in and near Vastrapur Lake

Once at Vastrapur Lake, you can go for a boating experience in the lake. There are various paddle boats available to be used on payment of some minimal rates as fixed by the authority.

Since the Lake is maintained and owned by the municipality, it doesn’t charge any amount on entrance. Therefore, you can utilize this place as an early morning excursion spot or you can take your family for an evening expedition.

The place provides a child play area, and also an open theater where usually some events are always being conducted. Apart from being an ideal place for families, this Lake is also a great romantic getaway for couples. The cool mystic air from the river creates a very romantic atmosphere for the couples. As per the locals, this river has witnessed innumerable love proposals on its banks.

There are various street vendors selling different variety of street food, such as ‘Guppchup’, ‘Pav Bhaji’, ‘Khakhra’, ‘Dhokla’ and many more. Visitors are found usually gorging on the delectable street cuisines.

Every tourist after visiting a new location desires to take home a souvenir as a token of memory of their visit. Places near the lake such as the Alpha one mall, and Ahmedabad haat are some places where tourists can shop to their heart’s content. The prices are reasonable and various range of products are available in the market.

Gujarat is famous for its unique handicrafts and colourful clothing designs, a tourist can opt to own one of the most famous female clothing items called as the “chanya choli” from the market and also can take home many handicrafts items which are only available here.

How to reach to Vastrapur Lake

Vastrapur Lake is easily reachable and here is a list of all the nearest stations to it:

Nehru Park is 300 meters away, taking you roughly 5 minutes by walking.

Himanshu Vidyalay is 190 meters away, and this can also be reached by walking for 3 odd minutes.

The lake is situated on the western side of the city Ahmedabad. It’s quite near the famous Nehru Park. One can avail any city bus from there to reach the Lake or opt for a private cab from top car rental companies in Ahmedabad and club it with a couple of other sightseeing places of Ahmedabad together.

A visit to the Vastrapur lake and surveying its surroundings will surely provide the taste of being a local of that area. The essence of a new place can be felt only after exploring the locals closely. Hence visiting this lake is an absolute must, on a vacation to Gujarat.

Apart from being an ideal place to visit for the alien visitors, this Lake is also an appropriate location to hangout for the locals. It can be utilized for an early morning walk or jog along the pavement pathways surrounding the river and also alternatively can be visited during the evening for light refreshment after a stressful work day.

Ahmedabad Tourism, a division of Holidays DNA has curated a list of Ahmedabad tour packages for the avid travellers who wish to explore the city in a relaxed manner. These packages are designed keeping in mind the budget and preferences of the tourists and are easily customizable. So, what are you waiting for? Please fill the Contact Us form and we will get back to you.

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