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Nehru Bridge Ahmedabad Address: Nehru Bridge Road, Near Patang Hotel, Ellishbridge, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, 380006, India

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If you do a web search of the things Ahmedabad is famous for, one of the top searches is going to be the Sabarmati River and the bridge over it. This river was made even more famous because of its association with Mahatma Gandhi and the Sabarmati Ashram built on its banks.

Another reason which makes Sabarmati river famous is the Nehru Bridge built over it, which connects the old Ahmedabad city (Kot Vistar) with the new one. The bridge is named after Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru and serves as the lifeline of the city. It is an important transport link for the city and for the people of Ahmedabad it holds a lot of importance.

Another bridge in the city that is equally famous is the Ellis Bridge but Nehru Bridge with its modern structure and large size has now become the most popular bridge of the city.

About Nehru Bridge

Nehru bridge is approximately 950 meters long and is made out of Steel and RCC slabs. It was inaugurated by Pandit Nehru in the year 1962 and since then it has served the city well. The view from the bridge is magnificent at night especially when you can see the city lights shimmering in the water and the skyline.

Though you can get down at the bridge during the day, at night when the bridge sees peak traffic hours, it is not possible to do so. The view of the Sabarmati riverfront from this bridge is quite magnificent. It is a two-lane bridge that is very broad and there is a broad pathway on both sides of the bridge for pedestrians to walk on, take pictures and simply stand and admire the beauty of the salubrious Sabarmati River flowing underneath.

The bridge is well lit at night and it adds to its beauty even when you look at it from a distance. Since the bridge connects the old and newer part of the city, you might cross it several times during your stay in the city but you must make sure to stop your car, get down when the traffic permits and enjoy its beauty.

The best time to visit Nehru bridge is during early morning hours or late at night when the traffic is not too heavy. Though the bridge is more than half a century old, it is still well maintained and stands majestically over the river.

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Places to visit near Nehru Bridge

1. Patang Revolving restaurant: This is a one of its kind restaurant of Ahmedabad and very close to the Nehru Bridge. This multi-cuisine restaurant offers a scenic view of the city and you can enjoy your food while listening to live music. The panoramic view from this restaurant at night time when the city is well lit makes it a perfect place to plan a dinner date with your partner.

2. Sabarmati Riverfront: The riverfront has been developed as one of the places to spend some time with friends and family. You can indulge in a lot of activities here like boat rides, cycling by taking a bike on hire, zip-lining near NID. It is also a good spot for morning and evening walks. There are beautiful gardens here which are ideal locations for flower shows and exhibitions. The pathway for walking around the riverfront is quite broad and the place is bustling with people, especially in the evening.

3. Sidi Sayyed Mosque: The mosque is popularly known as Sidi Sayyed ni Jalli because of the intricate jali or latticework here. This mosque was built in the 15th century and is very popular among photographers, tourists, and history fanatics. There are stone slabs here that are carved with designs of intertwined trees with a palm motif. The mosque was used as a government office during the British reign but it is now under the care of the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) as a historical monument.

4. Mata Boot Bhawani temple: This temple pays homage to goddess Durga and it is believed that paying a visit to this temple clears all obstacles and hurdles from one’s life. The temple is frequented by devotees all year round but more so during the Navratri.

5. Bhadra Fort and Teen Darwaza: Within walking distance of eighteen minutes from Nehru Bridge are the Bhadra Fort and Teen Darwaza which is a good market for fabrics and sarees. There is a temple of goddess Bhadra Kali inside the fort. Visitors to the fort make it a point to climb the stairs to reach the top of the fort. The view of the city and the market from this point is quite fascinating.

Other attractions near the Nehru Bridge and which you must make it a point to visit include Jama Masjid, Hatheesingh Jain Temple, Parimal garden, Akshardham Temple, Sabarmati Ashram and Adalaj stepwell.

Markets near Nehru Bridge: There are quite a few markets near the Nehru Bridge that you can visit for getting good bargains and deals. There is Ravivari where you can find antiques among discarded things at a steal if you have an eye for spotting a good deal. There is Manek Chowk where you can satiate your taste buds by sampling some lip-smacking street food like Gwalior Dosa, Ghoogra Sandwich, Fafda and Mirchi Vada to name a few.

How to reach Nehru Bridge

Several bus lines stop near Nehru Bridge. Gandhigram station is at a three-minute walk from the bridge. You can also hire a cab from top car rental companies in Ahmedabad during your Ahmedabad tour and visit all the popular sightseeing places of Ahmedabad in a hassle free manner.

Best time to visit Ahmedabad

November to February is the ideal time to plan your trip to Ahmedabad as the city experiences pleasant weather conditions at that time. March to May is the summer season and not ideal for any outdoor activity in Ahmedabad. June to October is the rainy season here and is again a good time to visit the city.

The ever bustling city of Ahmedabad offers plenty of tourist attractions for people visiting the city either for work or leisure. Ahmedabad Tourism, a division of Holidays DNA caters to all kinds of tourists with its Ahmedabad Tour packages that are quite affordable. Depending on the number of days of your stay, you can also choose from the various 1 day, 2 days and 3 days tour packages it offers. So, what are you waiting for? Please fill the Contact Us form and we will get back to you at the earliest.

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