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Rani Sipri’s Mosque Ahmedabad Entry Fee

  • No entry fee

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079 2550 6264

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Rani Sipri’s Mosque Ahmedabad Address: Near Astodia Darwaja, Astodia Gate Cir, Raipur, Khadia, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, 380001, India

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Rani Sipri’s Mosque Ahmedabad Timings

Day Timing
Monday 6:00 am – 6:00 pm
Tuesday 6:00 am – 6:00 pm
Wedesday 6:00 am – 6:00 pm
Thursday 6:00 am – 6:00 pm
Friday 6:00 am – 6:00 pm
Saturday 6:00 am – 6:00 pm
Sunday 6:00 am – 6:00 pm
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Ahmedabad is India’s first city to have been designated as the World Heritage City by UNESCO. It attracts several visitors to witness the plethora of historic sites which have impressive stories to support behind them.

Ahmedabad’s magnetism charms every visitor. Popular as Karnavati, Bhadra, Rajnagar and Asaval in the previous eras, the 600 years old city abounds in energy. Its rich heritage and welcoming culture draws the attention of outdoor enthusiasts from across the world.

City’s landscape is enlivened by an array of temples and mosques built by its rulers. The varied and historically significant sites of the city are appreciated by every visitor.

Rani Sipri Mosque is an old mosque built by the wife of Sultan Mahmud Begada, queen Sipri. It was also known as Rani Sipri ni Masjid or Masjid-e-Nagina. It is one of the significant sacred places of worship for Muslims in Ahmedabad.

History of Rani Sipri’s Mosque

One of the priceless gems of the city located in the walled city of Ahmedabad was built by Queen Sipri in 1514. The mosque was built after the king and the queen had executed their son for an offence. Situated near Astodia Darwaza, it also houses the burial remains of the queen.

Rani Sipri was the daughter of a Hindu chief who had married one of the sons of Ahmed Shah. Inter religious marriages were common those days and as such historic sites built by the rulers reflected a merge of Hindu, Jain and Islamic styles of architecture.

Architecture of Rani Sipri’s Mosque

Travellers would appreciate its ancient architecture that perfectly blends the Islamic and Hindu styles of architecture. Though the auspicious place of worship is a small structure, it draws the attention of the visitors to its splendid wall carvings. Renowned as a Jewel of a mosque, the ancient site with two bays is 54 ft long, 24 ft broad and rises to a height of 50 ft.

Mosque features striking minarets with the base of the south-east minaret carved in Hindu style of architecture. Mosque’s prominent features are its columns and jali work with striking floral motifs and plants. It holds a separate area of worship called Jenana in the upstairs of the building.

There are two windows in the south end facing the street which reflect Hindu styles of architecture with elaborately carved brackets. It has a long corridor and a domed roof. Notable features include the intricately carved windows or Jharokhas on the southern walls.

Image Gallery of Rani Sipri’s Mosque Ahmedabad

Entry Timings and Fees of Rani Sipri’s Mosque

Rani Sipri Mosque is open from 6 AM in the morning till 6 PM in the evening and is open all days of the week. There is no entry fee for visiting the elegant mosque.

Location of Rani Sipri’s Mosque

Rani Sipri Mosque is set in the south-eastern part of the city near Astodia Darwaja in Ahmedabad. Also popular as Amdavad, it is well connected with rail, air and road. Kalupur is the main railway station and has several trains connecting the city to other parts of the country. Sardar Vallabhai Patel International airport has several domestic and international flights connecting Ahmedabad to various parts of the country and the world.

Both government and private operators run buses linking the former capital of Gujarat to different cities of the country and can be boarded from Gita Mandir or Paldi bus stands. People can take local taxis, cabs, buses or auto rickshaws. They can even book a private cab from top car rental companies in Ahmedabad to reach the mosque.

Nearby Attractions

Jhulta Minarets (Shaking minarets), Sidi Sayed Mosque, Dada Hari ni Vav, Swaminarayan Mandir, Teen Darwaza and Rani no Hajiro

FAQS and other General Information about Rani Sipri Mosque

Why should we visit Rani Sipri Mosque?
Though Rani Sipri Mosque is a small mosque, it should be visited to explore its intricate designs and exemplary combination of Hindu and Islamic styles of architecture.

When to visit Rani Sipri Mosque?
Rani Sipri Mosque is open all days throughout the year. People prefer travelling to Ahmedabad mostly during the months of October to March.

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